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Pascal drumming in the studio
Photo: © Frédéric Petit

Pascal Delaquis is a studio and touring drummer from Canada. He learned on pots and pans; a practice that has evolved into his present-day inquiries in tone and sound. With a passion for percussive textures and deep grooves, Pascal has collaborated on acclaimed studio albums, including Little Scream's Speed Queen (Merge Records). His musical expressions have also found resonance on the road, notably alongside Juno award-winning Elisapie, across North America and Europe.
Photo: © David Irvine

From a HILOTRONS recording session at Bova Lab Studio. This place certainly packs a wide range of beautiful vintage gear.

• • • Photo: © Unknown

From a show at Raw Sugar cafe in Ottawa. There is something quite unique about small and intimate shows; that feeling simply does not exist in larger venues.

• • • Photo by: © Frédéric Petit

Taken from a performance with Elisapie at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, December 2018. Caught just at the release of the scratch.

• • • Photo: © Ming Wu

Thean Slabbert (Bosveld) and I had put together a set for Drone Day. We devised a minimalist setup with live processing.

• • • Photo: © Marylène Eytier

The room was full of light and spring was coming. Just on the outskirts of Paris, we were at the legendary Lafrette Studios recording Mehdi Cayenne's album Radio Batata.

• • • Photo: © Sheenah Ko

This was during a recording session for Sheenah Ko's album Nowhere In Time. Have I told you I love drumming?

[2019] Jasmine Trails

Recorded by: Massey Hall

• • •

[2019] Elisapie

Recorded by: CBC Montreal - Studio 12

• • •

[2019] Louis Venne

Recorded by: François Petitpas

• • •

[2019] Claude Munson

Recorded by: Sebastien Perry

• • •

[2018] Isaac Vallentin

Recorded by: Ben Atkinson
Mixed by: Dave Draves

• • •

[2018] Little Scream

Recorded by: Jim Bryson / Tom Brown

• • •

[2015] Kalle Mattson

Recorded by: CBC q

KIND DISREGARDS Hydenburg 2024
KETURAH Otherside 2022
HILOTRONS Lonely Cinema 2020
SHEENAH KO Nowhere In Time 2020
LITTLE SCREAM Speed Queen 2019
LOUIS VENNE Comme une bête dans les headlights 2019
SCATTERED CLOUDS Take Away Your Summer 2019
MEHDI CAYENNE Radio Batata 2019
JON HYNES Cardinal Giant 2018
CLAUDE MUNSON The Silence Came After 2018
CARLO S/T 2018
MEAGHAN BLANCHARD The Great Escape 2018
LITTLE SCREAM Polaris Cover Sessions 2017
BOSVELD Veldbrand 2015
MERGANZER Mirror Maze 2015
BOSVELD Moodring Mixtape by Debaser 2015
HILOTRONS To Trip With Terpsichore 2015
PHIL MOTION Time Bomb 2012
CLAUDE MUNSON & The Storm Outside 2012
IAN KETEKU Lessons From Planet Earth 2011


Through the years, I've had the pleasure to collaborate with the following groups and humans, whether it be in the studio, the stage, or a live session.

  • Alanna Gurr
  • Bosveld
  • Camille Delean
  • Claude Munson
  • Elisapie
  • Evangeline Gentle
  • Hilotrons
  • Ian Keteku
  • Isaac Vallentin
  • Jasmine Trails
  • Jenn Grant
  • Jeremy Fisher
  • Jim Bryson
  • Jon Hynes
  • Kalle Mattson
  • Kandle
  • Little Scream
  • Liv Wade
  • Louis Venne
  • Louis-Philippe Robillard
  • Marcus Paquin
  • Meaghan Blanchard
  • Mehdi Cayenne
  • Merganzer
  • Old Cabin
  • Phil Motion
  • Richard Reed Parry
  • Scattered Clouds
  • Sheenah Ko